Ms. Harue Kobayashi and Ms. Kiyoko Adachi, both former residents of Hashima Island

I would at least like to say this even if it would stir up a heated argument. There was no one that would treat someone badly like that there.

Ms. Harue Kobayashi was born in 1928 in Nagasaki Prefecture and is the second daughter of eight siblings. She moved to Hashima Island when she was at the age of only two and attended elementary and junior high school there. Her mother passed away when she was at the age of 12.
Ms. Kiyoko Adachi was born in 1933 on Hashima Island and is the fourth daughter of eight siblings. She is the younger sister of Ms. Harue Kobayashi. The job of her father was to saw wood to be used as a pit prop for the mine.
During the war, both of them were evacuated to Ehime Prefecture, where their father's family lived. Their father also passed away there, and they had to struggle a lot, but they returned to Hashima Island with their older brothers, who have been discharged from military service.