The Written Answer(25/12/2020)

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December 25th, 2020

The Representative for the Notifier, the Association of Hashima Island Residents for the Pursuit of Historical Fact

Mr. Ichiro Kitaura, Attorney at Law 

The Written Answer

The Representative for the Respondent, Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Yasuhiro Umeda, Attorney at Law

 2 Chome 2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya City, Tokyo, 150-8001, Japan

 The Legal Department, General Affairs Bureau, Japan Broadcasting Corporation

 Phone: 03-5455-5675
FAX: 03-3468-6140 


In response to your “The Letter of Protest and Demand” dated November 20th, 2020, I hereby submit the following response on behalf of the respondent, Japan Broadcasting Corporation (which will be hereinafter referred to as “NHK”). 

The “Greenless Island” (緑なき島) is an “NHK short film” that was broadcasted 65 years ago on November 17th, 1955. This 20-minute film features Hashima Island (Gunkanjima) in Nagasaki City at that time, and shows the people living in high-rise reinforced concrete residences, working in the coal mines, the school life of children, and having fun in recreational facilities.


This time, we checked the materials related to the “Greenless Island,” interviewed the people of a department who were involved in the reporting and production of the film, and carefully examined the footage of coal mines that were filmed and stored prior to 1955.

As a result, we were not able to confirm that footage from another coal mine was used in the “Greenless Island,” as you have pointed out. 

Based on the reasons mentioned above, we believe that the “Greenless Island” was produced and broadcasted based on the interviews conducted on Hashima Island in Nagasaki City at that time. 


This is our response. As I am in charge of this matter, please contact me if you have any questions.

That is all.