Mr. Hiroyasu Honma, a former resident of Hashima Island

There was also a Korean working in the hospital. He used to work as a substitute doctor.

He was born in 1928. His father was the chief priest of Senpukuji Temple on Hashima Island, and the family lived in the staff housing. He went to Hashima Jinjo Higher Elementary School, then to Kaisei Junior High School in the City of Nagasaki, and entered the Faculty of Pharmacy at Nagasaki University. He was exposed to the atomic bombing during his labor service, and the war came to an end. In 1948, he graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and went to work at the hospital on Hashima Island, where he served as the first head of the pharmacy until the hospital closed down. During the war, Mr. Kim, who was from the Korean Peninsula, worked as a substitute doctor at the hospital on Hashima Island, he said.