Mr. Tomohiro Tada, a former resident of Hashima Island

The newspapers are appealing to the people as if it actually took place, when in fact it did not.

He was born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1926. During the war, he worked in the machinery section of the Kawasaki Shipyard in Kobe, Japan. In May 1945, he was called up for military service and joined the anti-aircraft artillery unit in Osaka, Japan, where the war soon ended. At the end of the war year, he joined the Mitsubishi Mining Co., Ltd. and went to Hashima Island. He then joined the executive committee of the labor union and became the chief secretary, a position he held until the closure of the mine in 1974. After the closure of the mine, he says he felt strong resentment in regards to the coverage of the newspaper about Gunkanjima.