The “negative legacy” of Gunkanjima began with the fabrication forged by NHK.

An verification of the documentary program titled “the Greenless Island” (broadcasted in 1955)

If the image of Hashima Coal Mine (Gunkanjima) as a “negative legacy” were fabricated by NHK itself, would you forgive NHK for its biased reporting in the documentary program titled “Realization!! (Do! Do! Do!) in the ‘Island of Remembrance: A Trembling Legacy of History’”—which one-sidedly labeled the aforementioned coal mine a “negative legacy”? We did not suppose that we have confronted with such a fact.

And, we have concluded that an unbelievable falsification of facts took place in the program called “the Greenless Island,” a documentary in regards to Hashima Coal Mine that was broadcast on NHK (NHK総合) on November 17th, 1955.

Sixty-five years have passed since the program was broadcast, and the impact of the program has had on the world is immeasurable.

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