We Have no Forgiveness for the Cover-Up Done by NHK on their Fabrication of the NHK Program Titled “the Greenless Island.”

NHK’s Deception Seen in Diet Answers

The “Broadcasting Guidelines” of NHK describe its basic stance on news coverage and production. It describes the ideal attitude of a public broadcaster supported by subscription fees. In reality, however, the failure of NHK to follow and disregard its own “Broadcasting Guidelines” has been exposed to the public.

A documentary program on the Hashima Island titled “the Greenless Island,” which was produced and broadcast in 1955 and is now under severe scrutiny by the Diet for alleged fabrication, and the biased new program titled “Realization!! (Do! Do! Do!) in the ‘Island of Remembrance: A Trembling Legacy of History,” which was broadcast in October 2020. The words of the chairman and vice chairman of NHK in response to the two programs did not show any signs of the attitude that a public broadcaster ought to have.
The anger of the former island residents of Hashima Island has reached its peak.

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